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We are so loving this batch of babies Dh and I each snuggle a few each night and they fall asleep on our chests.
I've learned a bit about sexing the babies though it is very iffy thought I'd share...I'm sure you chicken mamas know this but anyway...
I do think one of the three marabs is a potential roo based on what I've read online...we shall see but they are saying that (if they are cuckoo marans and not black copper then they are like any other barred bird in sexing) a symmetrical yellow spot on the head is usually a female, splotchy spot is male. And late tail feathers are a trait of a make. Well two have perfect spots and tail feathers popping up and one has a mis-shaped splotch and no feathers. I am making sure to hold that one a lot.,in case it's a roo and we keep it which is up in the air.
The Cochins and the Brahma look to be females- supposedly their wing feathers tend to be longer and more pronounced than the boys who have shorter stubbier wing feathers. The 3 Cochins and one brahma have long wing feathers.
The barred rock has a distinct circular spot on its head and long feathers. Supposedly female traits.
The three EE I'm not getting convincing info for is bigger than the other two and stands very erect and chirps very loud when I walk away...this is the chipmunk one. The other two have redder markings and look similar...not sure what any of this means for this breed

Fingers crossed for pullets!
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