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13 month old too busy for potty?

I started sitting my daughter on the potty after naps at about four months old, and up until she was about ten months she very rarely used a diaper. Since then, I haven't been able to sit her down long enough to go. She will sit there for a second, then usually stand up, look down, and watch herself pee. And then she rushes back to whatever she was doing. In the bathtub one day she stood up, looked down, and was starting and stopping and giggling about it, so I'm fairly certain she has plenty of control and can hold it, she just can't sit down long enough to use the potty.

I've tried reading to her, playing with her favorite toys, trying to hold her there, having my son sit on his potty in front of her, and even putting her in front of the tv since she is always fascinated when it is on. I haven't read any books or anything on the subject because I was never really serious about it, but I kinda got used to not changing diapers and it was nice lol.

If I can't get her to sit on the potty or toilet I guess I could always just put her in the bathtub? Is it common for busy toddlers to not want to sit down long enough to go? My son was helping himself to the potty at this age but I think I probably just got lucky with him lol. I'm hoping she'll slow down soon, but even first thing in the morning she's go, go, GO! Any suggestions?
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