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Originally Posted by MissyMia
All of my families meals are made from one of 4 cookbooks. They are Vegan on the Cheap, Chloe's Kitchen, Everyday Happy Herbivore, and The Vegan Table. I really like the first book because it does not rely on a lot of weird store bought stuff. Most of it is fresh and easy to find ingredients. My kids are enjoy most of the stuff I make, no less then before we made the change. Actually my almost 2 year old loves the new meals because she never seemed to take to the texture of meat.

I am about 95% vegan and my kids are vegetarian. My dh only eats meat away from the house at family parties, mostly out of habit and because he doesn't want people questioning his diet. At home he is fine with my cooking and says he likes all the new dishes.

Mine and my kids favorite dish is a Southwestern Black Bean and corn chowder which we crumble organic blue corn chips into. Soooo good.
I will definately have to check out that book. I dont have access to all the alternatives available in the US (IE: meatless nuggets, veggie burgers, or other premade just like meat producrs) so anything that use mostly fresh ingredients will be best.
Me and the kids have done vegetarian all week, and I think in the end my family will end up similar to yours. We have always called dd my veg baby because she dislikes meat (except breakfast sausages) so she is adjusting just fine. Ds seems to like everything so far, but hes a really good eater.
Thanks everyone. I think plant based is definately for me, and dh is willing to give it a whole hearted shot.

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