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Stash questions

DD is 6 months old now. I both pump and feed directly. She only gets bottles when I am at work, but I produce quite a bit more than that so I have amassed a pretty decent freezer stash (about 1500 ounces and growing).

Question 1: I was attempting to rotate my stash by giving her a couple of bottles of frozen milk every day that I worked (the rest was fresh). I can't possibly rotate it fast enough. I'd take 2 out and put 4+ back in at the end of the day, so I've recently stopped rotating. It seemed silly to be feeding her milk I produced when she was 2-3 months old and put my milk that was freshly made for a 6 month old in the freezer. For those of you with large stashes, do/did you find a successful way of rotating?

Question 2: I have started to donate some of my milk. I'm trying to move out the oldest milk first. I'm not sure how much I can safely donate and feel that I have enough for DD "just in case". Right now I figure that were I to totally lose my milk, I could feed her strictly BM for around 6 weeks. If I stopped pumping but was still able to feed her when we were together, I have enough for 17 weeks of daycare. If my supply took a hit and what I could pump dropped by half, I'd barely have to dip into the freezer stash to give her what she needs for daycare (not sure if I'd have to feed her some bottles in addition to the direct feeding). How far down do you let your stash get? I'm kind of thinking along the lines of maybe once a month donating a month's worth of my oldest milk, keeping at least 3 months worth of milk on hand?
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