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Another ebay ? - sold item being returned via USPS, seller wants refund

I sold something on Ebay... I have had nothing but a circle of issues with this sale. Let me start by saying I've never had anything less than + FB on Ebay in over 9 years of sales.

So, this was for a VS item that sold for 99 cents & FRE shipping, all clearly listed. Also listed is to remember to double check your shipping address when making payment. Well, just after I sent it I got a message saying the lady forgot to pay her PO fees, so it was going to be returned, but she still wanted the item. She offered to pay shipping back to her once it got here. No problem. Stuff happens, right? Well, I have tried to fwd it to her, reprint another label & even went to the PO in person when I was in town & the envie just keeps getting returned to me with a note or personal explanation saying, "no known recipient/occupent left no forwarding address."

This has been going on for a couple weeks now. Today I decided I can't keep losing out on time, postage & ink so I let the lady know that. She wrote me a rude letter about how she offered to pay for it to be shipped again (but actually, she has never re-paid for shipping costs) & that I "decided to keep the item without letting her know." She asked for a refund through Paypal & said she would accept a partial refund of $5. I responded & explained to her, politely, explaining that I could not continue to be out on expenses such as shipping, printer ink, etc & was not willing to refund her the cost of shipping.

My long awaited question is this - can she file a report with Ebay or PP & get her payment refunded to her/taken from my account? All of the tracking info for the DC lists the item being mailed, in transit to her, & being returned to my address. I know it's only a few $ (99 cents + $5.15 shipping). I already LOST money selling this item to her when you subtract fees & the few cents for ink, paper, etc. I really hope I won't end up paying for this (literally) as it wasn't my mistake.

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