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Re: Update! What comprises "unnecessary" prenatal care?

here's what I (personally - as someone who has researched this on my own) find to be important to me:

Blood tests - I tend to be very anemic during pregnancy, so I do 2 blood checks for iron levels.

fundal height - tells me my uterus (and theoretically, baby) are growing properly

baby's heartbeat - to check on baby

20 wk anatomy scan - to look for things that could be life threatening at delivery, like placenta previa

I don't (personally) feel the following are necessary, but I do them anyway b/c they make my caregiver more comfortable and that is important to me b/cI think it gives me the best care:

HIV/STD screening - I know I have neither of these.

GBS test - IMO, GBS risk is so low that is does not warrant blanket testing of every pg woman.

Blood pressure - I have low blood pressure almost always. I also (personally) think pre-eclampsia is caused by poor diet and not enough protein during pregnancy. I don't feel I am at risk for developing this.

urinalysis - I can usually tell when I have a UTI, and mostly, I don't treat them anyway. I wouldn't consider abx anyhow, so no point really.

This I do not submit to, no matter what:

AFP screening or any other tests for abnormalities - These are pointless to me and serve no purpose. I will not abort, I do not want more complex care, and I am low risk, with no family history of any disease/disability anyway.

1 hr (or 3 hr) blood glucose screening - I never do this and never will. I think it is a faulty way to test for this, and I think gestational diabetes is over-diagnosed, and I also have read research that indicates that women who go on the GD diet do not fare much better than those that do not. I also know I have typically LOW blood sugar, and I eat a normal diet with little sugar. As a compromise, I do finger sticks at home to test my blood glucose level, for about a week before and after every normal meal.

I can't think of any other tests.... I might be missing some.

Also, many women may disagree with my opinions on these. That is OKAY with me. This is how I feel personally, based on my own experiences and research. Anytime you are considering declining a medical test of ANY kind, you should always do yourself the favor of taking the time and effort to research it yourself. Look up studies, read research papers, speak to other medical professionals, and consider the outcome of the test. You have to make your own medical choices.
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