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Stash Sell-off. Take an extra $5 off!!!!!!

These things were never unpacked after we moved last winter, so that must mean I don't need to keep them. It's been a very long time since I bought or sold anything, so if my prices suck please make an offer!


NT Hummingbird Gaia, knit by me. H-22", R - 16.5" - $22ppd $19ppd $17ppd

Royal Buns size Medium. Dingy/discoloration - $15ppd $12ppd $10ppd/each or both of them for $25ppd $22ppd $ 18ppd


TIG Lindon Merino, I believe the colorway is Carson. I can't remember who knit these. - $25ppd $22ppd $20ppd

H- 26
R- 17
I- 3

TIG Lindon Merino, Aiden. Knit by me. - $25ppd $22ppd $20ppd

H- 25
R- 18
I- 4

MM Birthday Boy, BFL, knit by me. Slight felting in the crotch. - $25ppd $22ppd $20ppd
H- 24
R- 15.5
I- 3

Born in a Barn Tiger Shark, Peruvian Highlands. Knit by me. $20ppd $ 17ppd $15ppd
H- 24
R- 16.5
I- 2

Recycled longies

SBF, interlock waistband, double layer hammock-style soaker. - $25ppd $22ppd $18ppd

H - 21

R - 18
I - 11

SBF cashmere newborn footies, fold-down adjustable rise. - $25ppd $22ppd $18ppd

H- 16
I - 6.5

Interlock Longies

Mamazulv newborn size, there's a large stain on one of the legs, visible in the picture, I have no idea what it's from - $15ppd $12ppd

H- 19

R- 14.5
I- 5

Knit Longies

Born in a Barn Falkland, Go Herky Go. - $42ppd$39ppd $35ppd
H- 21
R- 16
I- 8.5

Born in a Barn Harvest Moon, Gaia. Elastic waistband - $ 37ppd $34ppd $30ppd

H- 21

R- 16
I- 9.5

MM Woodland Tale, Gaia. Knit by me. Elastic waistband. - $42ppd $39ppd $35ppd
R- 17
I - 9.5

Braided Britches, Cestari. Trim is NT Juicy Pear. Knit by my. $40ppd $37ppd $30ppd

H- 22
R- 16.5
I- 9

2T Caelum Born in a Barn Superwash Merino, knit by me. EUC only worn a handful of times. - $40ppd SOLD

Born in a Barn Cory's Irish Coffee BFL. Knit by Ticklebellies. $35ppd $32ppd $28ppd

H- 24

R- 16.5
I- 8.5

Gift Wrap Romer - 24 months. Born in a Barn Tortuga (kettle dyed version) Gaia. Tessa Ann Buttons

Little Green Viking, size Small. There's a stain on the front, looks like a pen mark or something, you can see it in the pic. - $15ppd $12ppd SOLD

Little Green Viking, Size Small - $16ppd $13ppd SOLD

Little Green Viking, size Small - $16ppd $13ppd SOLD
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