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Detergent for softer water?

Any recommendations for detergent that works with softer water?

History: We moved in the last few months and my cloth diaper wash routine is in serious need of an overhaul, starting with the detergent. We had been using Tide original at our previous location but we can't get Tide original here, so we tried Tide Ultra for a bit and then switched to Tide original liquid.

Now I'm dealing with both ammonia stinkies AND leaks. So I've got to strip them, and then what?

I just did research and apparently our daily water hardness rating is 80-100 and on the Rockin Green map, we live in soft rock territory. So I guess I'll order some samples from Rockin Green, BUT when I tried Rockin Green at our previous location it did not work at all and we had very hard water there.

Maybe I should just potty train DD.
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