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Anyone ever done the necklace test??

You hold your hand palm up. Hold a necklace over your palm and dip it 3 times between your thumb and index finger. The hold it steady over your palm. It will swing on its own. Circles means boy, back and forth means girl. It will slow between and start again. When it's done it will come to a nearly complete stop and not start again.

Mine has said boy, boy, boy, girl, boy, stop every time. We have 3 boys and are TTC our 4th (and supposed to be our last). We'll have to see if it's g/b twins! lol Or maybe a girl and an oops before DH can get a V lol

My bff has had hers accurate for as long as she can remember too.

It's weird because the way the necklace moves is almost a magnetic pull. It gets kinda jerky like it's being pulled from the bottom

How bout you??
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