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Curriculum choices? Overwhelmed...

Allow me to start by saying I'm not even certain I'm going to homeschool yet. I don't know if I can get DH on board, and I'm toying with the idea of trying to get my boys into a magnet school instead. But the more and more I hear about public schools (I grew up in Catholic schools, which were great, except that DH and I are no longer Christians), the less sure I am about sending my children when the time comes.

However, I am so overwhelmed by all the curriculum choices. I know I have years to go, and some parents don't even follow a curriculum and whatnot..... But I'd kind of like to try homeschool pre-k curriculum with ODS next year or the year after. He's so bright for only 2.5, I often feel like I'm not challenging him enough....I'm at a loss, and think that I could use some help! Also, if I do decide to homeschool full time, it'd be nice to have the experience to start with.

I ran into a lot of trouble finding curricula in the first place since so many seem to be Christian-based, which is wonderful if that's what you're looking for....but like I said, we are not Christians. I thought I might be able to cut that part out, but I'd really like to find something built without religion in mind in the first place, if I can. I found the website which lists a bunch of secular curricula, but the reviews on there are mostly minimal.

Soooo, if you made it through all that......what curriculum/curricula do you use, and why? If you use a Christian curriculum, how integrated is religion into the lessons, and can it be passed over?
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