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Voice of dissent, as a buyer... Yea I'd be pretty bummed if I had been trying to get the item. It would make the item be more like $6 item instead of just a $1 item... In my opinion, as long as she is paying the shipping, I would give her one last shot before telling her she is sol. I would tell her that due to the number of times you have tried to get her the item, you are beginning to lose money on the transaction due to gas to the po, ink, paper, etc. I would tell her to please put an address into pp that she knows will work (perhaps a family member who can keep trying to ship to her or meet her to give it to her) OR you will refund her original purchase price and leave it up to her but let her know that should it happen again, you will have no choice but to return her original cost of the item.

But, as a buyer, yea I'd be pretty miffed if you had made that decision without even letting me
Know it was coming since by that point, I'd put a pretty penny into the item.

Eta: I meant to say that buyer paid shipping again or x2 would mean that the buyer has an additional $10 invested in the item for shipping. So, instead of the buyer beig out $5-6, they are out $15-16
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