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S/O--if you have a huge nb stash...

Tell us what you have!! Pics are a plus!!!

ETA: Here's what we have in our newborn (and small stash in case baby is a big one)

12-GMD nb workhorse
1-Little Boppers nb
2-Boogie Bums nb
1-Tangerine Baby nb
4-SoCo nb
1-B.C. Fleecy nb
2-bububebe nb
1-Mutt nb
2-Mutt smalls
1-Megaroos small
1-dream eze small
1-wahm nb butterfly print (has a matching outfit too)
1-prefitted made by me
5-BG nb
6-Ragababe nb
4-Ragababe smalls
2-fuzzibunz xs
3-fuzzibunz s
6-Ragababe size 0's with lots of inserts (not sure exactly how many inserts we have though)
Prefolds & Flats
12-cotton babies nb prefolds
12-Imse Vimse flats
11-osocozy flats
3-random nb prefolds
1-extended tab prefold from Battle Buddies
2-Thirsties size 1's
1-xs rainbow waters bloomers
3-knit nb longies
1-upcycled by me longies

...I think that's it lol

that's at least 82 newborn diaper changes...not including the smalls

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