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Re: What to say to nosy people

Bless your heart, I know that's not fun. Unfortunately, it doesn't end with having one baby either. We have 6 years between our boys so from the time DS#1 was 2 years old on, we got the "when are you having another?" questions. I have friends and family that had 3 or 4 kids in between us having our two. I usually just tried to deflect with things like, "it'll happen when it's supposed to" or "we're happy right now and a(nother) baby will be welcome when the time is right". In your situation, I'd probably say things like, "Oh you know, it'll happen eventually!" and "Right now I'm just really looking forward to getting my baby fix when (brother & SIL's) baby arrives." Maybe trying to turn the focus back on SIL and their baby will help them lay off of you. If it gets too out of hand, I'd just try to make light of it the best you can (even though I KNOW how hard that is!) and say something like, "Ok, OK! I get it! We have our homework to do, thank you! LOL" or "Well I guess we're still just enjoying the practice!" Hopefully it goes better than you think and everyone will be more focused on baby clothes and diaper games!
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