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Re: Kitchenaid mixer or food processor?

Originally Posted by clarinetb View Post
I get very overwhelmed looking at the Kitchen Aid stuff :P
Can I ask generally what you use each for? Since my mum didn't have either in the kitchen, I think I am likely missing the potential of what I could use them for. :P

Sigh, I figured I'd get your answer that both are useful, trying to decide if I should aim for a mixer and do without a food processor for awhile... gah... or look for really good sales? :P
Sorry. I use my mixer about 10x more often than my food processor, but then again it costs several times what the fp does. Here's what I use them for:

Mixing batters, frosting, whipped cream, etc.
Kneading dough (for bread, rolls, pizza dough, etc.)
Use my shredding attachment when I want to grate a lot of something
Grinder attachment for making ground beef
Fruit/vegetable strainer attachment for making apple butter

Food processor
Mainly used for making hummus
Chopping things like nuts
Dicing onions/vegetables if I have more than I feel like doing by hand
Grating things like cheese or vegetables, if I don't feel like getting out my mixer

This is the mixer I have, and they don't make my same food processor anymore, but it's a 5 cup KitchenAid one.
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