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Re: Phonics/Reading for 1st Grader

Tharen has ADHD as one of his diagnosis. I used Funnix with him. Sometimes he does say it is boring though. It has been especially difficult lately but that is probably the mood disorder more than the ADHD, it is really hard to say. You can test where a child should start with Funnix and work through. I have to say it is a very effective program, Tharen loves reading and is very good at it. At the end of first grade when he had finished through about lesson 78 he was already reading at a high 3rd grade level for comprehension and phonetic ability of 4th grade. Part of that is probably from my reading to him, his brother reading to him and reading outside of the program but a lot of it is from the program. He hasn't even begun Funnix 2 yet. I like that I don't have to fight with him, it is all computer based. If there is a person involved Tharen is more likely to fight and refuse to do work. There is no one to argue with on the computer so he just does it.

Other programs I have heard good things about are
Reading Eggs I understand it is like a game and might hold his interest
Hooked on Phonics it has worked for many children
Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons this is a book by the same people as Funnix.

If you haven't tried the Bob books you might try those, some kids can learn to read with them and they would certainly make for quick lessons that would hopefully maintain his attention.
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