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These have all been washed and dried even if they were never worn. All are $4ppd or 2 for $7ppd.

top row left to right:

pink/white stripes (worn once, white part is a furry material)--SOLD, purple plaid (never worn)--SOLD, purple stripe with heart (these were worn once)--SOLD, light purple with hearts (never worn)--SOLD, floral vine--SOLD

bottom row left to right: stars (never worn)--SOLD, pink hearts (worn once)--SOLD, grey stripe/polka dots (never worn)--SOLD, pink and grey hearts (never worn)--SOLD, solid pink (these were worn a few times and have a stain--I think you can see it in the picture)--GONE


top tow left to right:

pink whales (never worn)--SOLD, blue apple print (worn once), hearts (worn once)--SOLD, pink princess (worn once)--SOLD

bottom row left to right:

red with white down sides (worn once)--SOLD, pink with white down sides (worn once)--SOLD, black with silver stars (these were never worn but look a tad fuzzy on the ends from being washed), black with cat (worn once)


These have a 1 on them with a circle around it, not a BL. I think they're the My First Babylegs--I think from Target. They've been worn a few times. This one is free to the first person who buys something else from me and asks for these. GONE


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