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Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9
I can tell you with the br, nothings for sure, haha. The roos will have yellower legs without much grey streaking, their colors will be muted and greyish, the white bars are bigger, there is more white on them. This is when they get bigger. They are kinda hard to tell. I just found one of mine to be a roo and they are around 5 months. Australorps are supposed to be the easiest based on feather growth. Not for me. One of mine looked like an osterage, tell tale sigh of a pos roo! She's now laying eggs. Sl glad we kept her!!!!

I know this egg will need help and I have done HOURS of research and vidio watching, but..... We have confirmed twins! It's from an australorp. Double yolker and is developeing wonderfully. Have to do lots of praying for these lo's! Not many, esp both, make it. They will not be able to pip on their own. I'm doing daily monitoring now. here are 2 pics. My cam refuses to focus without the day flash, sorry.Liz, here's the one with blood:
I know most of it is just guessing which is fine and fun that one maran jumps up out of the box when I put the perch in there. That one is very curious. And that little chipmunk ee is hilarious. I go over there and love on them make sure to snuggle that one because it's such a love, put it down walk away and it just chirps non stop so loud. Sweet little lovey.

About your twins- I've had double yolks in eggs to eat...never thought about how two would hatch - what are your odds? What do you have to do for them?
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