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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken!

Odds arn't very good. The thing is they run out of air around hatch day. You have to try to find the beak area of each, normally the ends, and pip it. Then if there is bleading, you put it back in the bator to let it naturally dry up and give them more time to get ready. Check the next day and pull a bit more shell back, leaving the membrain alone minus the one air hole. Stop when you hit any fresh blood. Wrap in wet papertowel and put back for another day. The membrain has to be kept moist to prevent it from shrinkwraping. Remove again till you can safely remove enough shell to let the shicks wiggle out. There is a great utube vid from a moma that was successfull on byc. She did an excelent job! She did the other egg and the one chick was malformed, the other was just fine. So she calls them triplets! Another moma on there refused to assist in hatching, but the air sac isn't big enough for 2. so both dies in the egg. They litterally can't pip on their own because they run out of air around day 21. You have to keep checking for them to peep so you know when they are ready. I'm a nervious wreck. All the other eggs are doing great! One has a bacterial ring in it I believe? I wanna give it another day or 2 to be sure though. I don't wanna have it explode in the bator, but the chick is developing well and I just feel I should be sure before I toss it. I'm new to this but have done LOADS of reading and vid watching. I feel like I'm getting a degree in chickens! I'm gonna keep a pic journal of the twins. It's like expecting, hehe. So excited! This is my first hatch. Cayden was extatic to see them candled this am! Are you gonna someday do some?!? So exciteing to watch them develop and care for them. It's that mothering, nurtureing feeling. I'm so jellious of your chickies!
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