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Re: Was this pregnancy a "surprise"?

I am in sort of the same boat as Mindy. When we got married we started trying right away after 6 months of clomid and IUI's and shots and everything else we gave up and when he got back from a deployment we got pregnant that month. DD is now 3.5 and when she was a few months old I was told I had pretty bad endo and wouldn't be having any more children. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS so after the second bout of news I was crushed. Fast forward a bit over 2 years and my endo was really bothering me so my dr tried a hormone therapy thing 2 months into it I found out I was pg with DS#2 ... my sweet little man was born at the end of March this year ...

Right around the time I was "supposed" to o I started having prepgnancy dreams every night after almost 2 weeks I was just beside myself because of them and took a test left it lying on the counter for almost 12 hrs and then when I finally remembered to look at it i had a + staring back at me. So not olny was my last baby a huge surprise but for us to have gotten pg this time with no meds what so ever ... im always forgetting my metformin ... no hormone treatments and DS#2 only being 5 months when it happened we are just in another world right now. Super happy though ... dh says itll be our last but Im not so sure about that.
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