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Weaning my 2 yo DD, started today ...

I'm 3.5 months pregnant and nursing is getting painful, and I am certain I do not want to tandem nurse again. I've done it twice and it was so hard. Nursing through the entire pregnancy was hard enough, both in comfort and in just being annoyed by it, but the weeks postpartum when I had two crying to nurse in the middle of the night, and I felt like a sausage rolling from one to the other in bed all night, were miserable. I do not want to go there again! I'm just getting too old for that.

I've been waiting for two things before weaning her. One was for her to turn two, and the other was for DH to take a trip, or have some time off from work, so if she cries at night it won't keep him awake. He gets up at 4:45 every workday and he needs his sleep before his commute. He left this morning for a trip, so I pulled out my vinegar and cotton balls.

This takes some sleight of hand, but it's worked twice before for me, with two different 2.5 yo children. I put some cotton balls in a small snack baggie, pour vinegar in there, seal it, and then put it in my pocket. When they ask to nurse, I sneakily get out a cotton ball and wipe it on me (under my shirt) before I lift my shirt and offer to let them nurse. It's never taken more than two tastes to decide the milk is just too yucky to nurse. Though there have been a few attempts after that, where just the smell makes them turn away. I think it only takes one or two "smells" after the initial tastes for them to give up completely. Once they are reminded of the yucky milk, we get a drink in a cup, eat a snack, read a story, snuggle, or do something else instead.

Today my two year old has been having milk in a cup (cow's milk) and saying "yummy". I agreed with her that the milk in her cup was yummy, but Mommy's milk had tasted yucky ... trying to help cement the idea. I usually precede this situation with some warnings that soon Mommy's milk will turn yucky because they're getting too big to nurse, so it's not a total surprise when it happens.

After the first taste (or two) it just takes some reminders that Mom's milk is yucky and they are usually content to not nurse. The trickier part is at night when they're not fully awake and are more prone to crying.

I just "snuggled" my girl to sleep, instead of nursing her to sleep. I hope tonight goes well. If she cries about nursing, I'll get up and rock her back to sleep.

At first I thought it seemed too sneaky, but both times I used it before, I was tandem nursing and BEYOND DONE with nursing the toddler so I was willing to try it. This just seemed the least painful way to wean without them blaming me for taking away their nursies, or throwing tantrums. A friend had suggested it and I was amazed at how well it worked. She's used it for several different children herself, and it's only NOT worked for one of them ... her latest.

I started to say "day one of weaning completed" but it won't really be completed until we get through the night. I hope the night goes well.
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