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Re: Craziest "thrifty" meal you've ever made?

Originally Posted by AutumnRose View Post
How in the world did you make this! It has to be pretty decent if kids asked for more, and honestly I'm always up for trying new things to see!!!
Most of it was just dumb luck, but here's the story. The kids had suggested hot dogs and eggs for lunch, so I started the pan, put some coconut oil in it, cut up the hot dogs (4 quarter pound Costco hot dogs), and threw them in. Then I chopped up a large onion and threw it in, too. Then I stirred it a little. Then I looked in the fridge and realized we only had 4 eggs. Oops. Ok. Change of plans. Found the apples. *Thought process* Fried apples are good. Ok, so I cut them up and threw them in. Added about 2 teaspoons of cinnamon (cos apples go with cinnamon) and about 2 tablespoons of sugar (cos that goes with apples too) OH NOES!! I realized I just added cinnamon and sugar to hotdogs! Um... uh... now what? Curry powder! YES! Curry has cinnamon in it. It will fix my mistake and the sugar will make sure it's not too spicy for dd (she is a wimp. The rest of the kids are addicted to chile and love hot and spicy foods, but dd? not so much). Need. More. Food!! I scrounged around in the fridge and found two baked potatoes. A starch! Need it! Cut those up and chucked them in. Realized at this point that the sugar was starting to scorch at the bottom of the pan, so I added about 1 cup of homemade chicken broth and some minced garlic that I had in the fridge for good measure. Then I found the cabbage (it was a coleslaw mix from the Costco Business Center. DH had wanted me to make coleslaw and I never did). Some parts of it were starting to turn black at the edges and some parts of it were frozen from being in the back of the fridge. Avoiding the black parts, I threw in like 4-5 handfulls. I stirred it around and waited for the cabbage to wilt. I added salt and pepper and prayed it would taste ok. Then I realized it would likely be too soupy. So, I added in the 4 eggs and stirred them around, too. I added a touch more salt, and then tasted it, and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually good!! I am a kitchen goddess!! LOL Now for the real test... the kids. I served it. They tasted it, liked it, and then asked what was in it. I said, "Onions, hotdogs, cinnamon, sugar, apples, potatoes, eggs, and cabbage."

They said, "Cinnamon sugar hotdogs?!" and that is what they told their dad. So now you can rummage through your fridge and be a kitchen goddess, too!

I think the real secret is to have a well stocked spice cabinet! I hate bland food, and my kids do, too... so I have lots and lots of spices to choose from- even saffron. But I actually use them! The difference between an ok meal and a gourmet meal is all in the spices. You can get them inexpensively in the bulk bins or in little packets at the store. To try new spices, it's best to buy in small quantities anyway, and if you like it, then you can look in to buying a larger amount from some place like Frontier, Penzey's, or The Spice House. Maybe I'm weird, but I love playing with spices and new flavor combinations. I hope cinnamon sugar hot dogs inspires you to try new combos, too.
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