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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken!

You're braver than I. I get really scared reading those threads, all the things that can go wrong Looks kinda looks like a hovabator? (sp?) That's a popular one. Seems like it should still turn tho. Have you tried contacting the company about it? I researched incubators a bit and decided that after adding on all the extras everyone recommends that I might as well just spring for a good one from the get-go. I will be getting the ECO not the fully auto one. From what I read, unless you're not able to be home (obviously I am being a SAHM) turning isn't a big deal and the nice thing about this one is that it being suspended up on a stand you just rock the thing from one side to another to turn the eggs, you don't have to open it. I really want that chick warmer too!

Ok ... so fill us in. How many eggs have you got in there cuz it looks really loaded RFLOL. What breeds do they have the potential to be and so you only have one potential quitter and a two for one? Oh my goodness. And girl, where are you going to put those chickens? I can't remember how many your coop will hold but doesn't that incubator hold like 50 eggs? It looks reaalllly stuffed! You are so funny!

ETA: Oh ok I see where you said 31 with a couple possible quitters. So given how many cochins you have will most be cochin or a cross?

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