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EBF 3.5 month old switching to FF which formula?

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last month when they removed the right side of my thyroid due to a large nodule. Had a 2nd surgery to remove the left side and thought I was headed for a radioactive scan in 2 weeks. Met my oncologist on Tuesday and learned that I had 3 of 5 factors that they use to determine if treatment is necessary. I was supposed to have radioactive treatment today, but it's delayed until next week due to insurance drama! I have to be away from my kids for 5 days due to the fact that I will be radioactive, even worse I can't breast feed for a year! All of my kids have been EBF, so when it comes to formula I'm lost! Wondering if 1 is better than another for this transition? Also any help on how to transition is more than welcomed...Thanks!

I pumped enough for the 2 surgeries and have about 20 oz frozen, but that's not going to last I mix with formula to help transition?
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