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Re: EBF 3.5 month old switching to FF which formula?


I have to FF due to my body just not producing, so I understand having to FF due to circumstances out of your control. My mom had her entire thyroid removed when I was young due to a tumor, so I have some understanding of how life changing that is.

On the formula front, I have found that what's best in terms of formula is what sits best with baby's tummy, so it can be a matter of trial and error. I think babies tend to be more sensitive when they are younger (my baby couldn't handle anything but Gerber Good Start Gentle up until a couple months ago, now at almost 6 months she's fine with anything). We have recently switched to the Costco (Kirkland) brand which is essentially Similac Advanced and so far, so good.

Sometimes you have to "try" a couple brands before you find one baby prefers. When we were switching from BM to formula, the Gerber seemed the best during that transition. Most brands will provide samples and your pediatrician may be able to provide samples and suggestions.

All the best to you with everything and we FFing mamas are here to support you!!

ETA: I have heard mixed opinions on bottles with formula/BM at the same time (some say it "degrades" the BM, I dunno). When I still was pumping and trying to BF I could only pump a few ounces during the day, so sometimes we would drop an ounce in with the formula and it didn't seem to hurt)
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