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Re: Bleeding after c-section?

Originally Posted by dancingingrace View Post

Thanks for this piece of advice...that's something I wouldn't have known, and would have found out unpleasantly!
Yes, that is definitely good advice. I wish I had taken more of those big pads home with my first baby. I underestimated how great they were at containing the flow!

I've had 2 c-section and bled for both the same as moms with vbac/vaginal births. The bleeding isn't from pushing the baby out vaginally, it's your body's way of shedding blood and stuff from the pregnancy/birth.

It can last pretty long, too. With my 1st pregnancy, the bleeding lasted 8 weeks (towards the end, it lightened up but was still there!). With my 2nd, it lasted 7 weeks. So annoying!
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