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Originally Posted by canadianbakers
Levi is definitely interested in using the potty, and is able to get himself on and off the toilet when his diaper is off. Right now I'm feeling too sick and exhausted, and having a lot of trouble keeping up with the normal laundry and housework (as in, it isn't getting done most of the time), so I don't want the extra work of accidents.
Once I'm feeling better and my energy returns ( for only another week!!) I'm just going to let him go diaperless in the house, he can wear undies if he wants to (we have some here that should fit him), and we'll see how it goes. We're definitely not against using pull ups for outings and nights, rather than keeping switching between undies and diapers (sometimes that has been an issue with the kids, some not).
Me exactly. except I have to keep my son in undies are he has a new toy. Seriously, it's quite ridiculous the things he can find to do with that.

Hugs to you, mama.
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