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Re: Potty Training/Learning

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
I lucked out with DS- he pretty much trained himself at just shy of two. But, I have heard that if kids show signs of being ready that naked and underwear time get the job done!
I'm pretty sure Levi would do this now, if only I would let him! I feel terrible not letting him just do it, but I really couldn't handle the extra stress of accidents and more laundry. I'm hoping that he won't totally lose interest before I start feeling better.
Although, either way, I'm sure we'll get him trained before spring - that's still a ways off.

Originally Posted by emkeegan View Post
Any advice? He is 25 months, healthy and regular. Most of the stuff I find about poop and training has to do with holding it in, which he isn't doing.
I don't have a ton of advice on that one... or pt in general. All my kids so far have been over 3 years old before we started training with them, and took varying lengths of time to "get it".
DD was super stubborn and while she could easily do it, she would choose not to after a few days (part laziness, and part just wanting to control the situation). We put her back in diapers a number of times before finally saying enough was enough. She was 3.5 at that point.
DS1 was fairly decent with peeing, but would wait until he had a pull-up on for naps or nighttime for pooping. The pull-up was necessary, as he would almost always wake up wet (still has some trouble with night wetting, if he has a lot to drink after supper). He was probably 4yrs, give or take a month or so, before he finally would poop on the toilet - one night he just said he needed to, went and did, and that was it from then on. He obviously had some sort of fear about it, we're still not sure what or why, but he got over it in his own time.
DS2 just took a l.o.n.g time overall, both pee and poop. We started at 3yrs, and I think he was nearly 4yrs before he was actually done. He seemed just too busy to go - he would be great if we prompted him and made him go every 15 minutes, but that's not potty trained IMO.

Anyhoo, hoping for an easier time with DS3! We deserve a break from the hard trainers, I think!
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