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I agree with previous poster that team/preteam is not a moneymaker for the gyms.
As a former competitive gymnastics and coach at all levels, I've been around it for years(tho took a break to start a family but am actually applying today at a new gym in my area to get back into it). My first gym actually dropped their competitive program and just stuck to recreation because that's where the money is.
My suggestion, if you are uneasy about a competitive preteam, would be to talk to the coach and see what other options they have. In my area, most gyms don't start competing til level 5, even though there ARE level 4 meets too. I would see if they have a non competitive level 3 or 4 team that your dauhter can stay more recretion, develop skills slowly, and maybe try competitive in the future, or at level 5. (once they get to level 5, they have to score out of each level to move up. Or at least that's how it was when I was around club has been a few years . )
Then again if my daughter WANTED to be on preteam and she has the desire, I wouldn't be able to say no. (assuming it works for your family both financially and schedule).
Oh and all gyms I've worked at have a preteam for the kids that show potential. But again, they don't compete. Coaches used that stage to develop skills and get ready for level 5 competiton, as well as skills beyond level 5, since most of those kids cruises through level 5 and 6 pretty fast
Good luck!
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