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Originally Posted by FindingMercy
It will get better! Give yourself a small goal. Stick with it for 4 more weeks and then reevaluate. It will be so incredibly much less work to nurse than to exclusively pump once you both get it figured out!
Small goals are definitely the way to go right now. Sometimes, I would have to take 1 feeding at a time. Thinking long term can be very daunting. I did not have the warm fuzzies until I was a few months in. I would pump just enough before feedings so as not to be engorged. I would also pump after feedings to build my stash, but I also ended up with a huge oversupply. So, I may not be the best to listen to. I would take it one day at a time for now. It really does get better. I love not having to get up and make a bottle. Breast milk is always the right temp and ready to go!
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