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I honestly feel for his mom. this is the EXACT reason why patenting boys is different than girls. YOUR mother gets to know it all. Actually your whole family, but DH's mom, who might rather be intelligent must listen to stories and hush up? This is her grandchild. A part of her son. An equal part of her son as to you. I also think women expect DH is always do what they want (I do, lol) but never consult him about their choices when it comes to their side of the family.

I think it shows how much she loves this baby. And you guys. IMO, does she have a RIGHT to know? Of course not. Would it be the RIGHT thing for you to tell her, in my heart- yes..

I'm sorry mama. It's a difficult spot. But honesty is the best policy. Always.

Eta: I also think you knowing what she is feeling/thinking is making you have certain judgements on her actions. It's like knowing someone has a secret but being with them a day. It doesn't make you feel comfortable or relaxed. So you are both likely not behaving normally.
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