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Re: Talk to me about competitive gymnastics

I'd be willing to bet they can see her prior training in the way she moves her body. Ballet is a great stepping stone to gymnastics as it teaches them how to manage their feet and use their core.

I would absolutely let her try pre-team if she wants to, your in the gym commitment and fees are very reasonable. Keep in mind the fees and commitment go up each year as she progresses.

My dd has been taking gymnastics for 4 years and is now a level 6. She moved from rec to level 3 in just a few months, and our in the gym commitment was about 2-3 hours a week. Level 4 was 10.5, level 5 was 11 and level 6 is 14. If I remember right next year, level 7 will be 20 hours per week.

As far as competing goes, we have about 7 meets a season including states. They are usually drivable on the day of the competition and take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours to get to, and are an all day affair after it's all said and done. Last year our state meet was in Ocean City so we made a 3 day weekend out of it and hung out with the team. DH and I usually take turns taking her to meets due to having a baby and older boy who takes karate and plays soccer. We usually all go to the meet our gym actually hosts.

Good luck to her! Our season is starting later this year and a couple of months we have 2 meets a month so that will be new to juggle but she is excited to start competing again.
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