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Re: Big Mamas September Thread

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
Now that I could probably go for! But for now I'm chugging my free water from the water cooler.

On a happy note, after several days of eating better and chugging the nasty wet stuff aka water, I'm finally back down those three lbs!! So happy for that. It's so frustrating when you start feeling like you've been set back three months. So I'm recommitted to eating right. Now I need to recommit to excercising. I think I"ll make myself a chart (I do well with visual motivation) and when I've done ten workouts I get new workout shoes. I need them but I want to prove to myself I'm back at it. I did so well last year. I worked out 3-4 times every week and was generally more active. I've kinda quit that over the summer and with all the stress this fall so I'm ready to get back at it. I think tonight I"ll start simple with a walk away the lbs dvd. And maybe once i work up my stamina for a week or so, I'll jump back on to the 30 day shred because that really did good things for my body.
Good news on the loss!!! THat is great those pounds are gone.

Originally Posted by Macyllehub View Post
Hi ladies. Sounds like I'm the odd ball here, I love water. No someone, no ice, just tons of water. I drink about 100 oz a day!

After a stressful week, I'm feeling much more hopeful and back on track with everything (budget, eating, living!). I'm sitting at 183.5 which is over 35 lbs lost!!!!!

In other news, I got insanity dvds but I think I'm not there yet. Its not that I don't wan't a hard work out, its literally im nit trying to hurt myself doing it!
You are lucky you like water! Makes life so much easier. COngrats on the 35 lost!!! That is totally incredible!

I am sitting a pound up today at 152.4. I ate 2 sandwiches last night and I think that has to do with it. Could be water, but I ate carbs to shock my body with something different. Trying to jumpstart another loss.
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