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Re: Talk to me about competitive gymnastics

DD started gymnastics last year after having been in dance classes since she was 3. We were asked by the coach to consider putting her in the beginning competitive class (which he wanted to begin with her and another 5 or so girls). After thinking about it a bit, we decided against it. This year, again, he mentioned that same class. Again, we have declined that level and she will just do the recreational class.
I know that she could do it, and would love it. But we are not able to make that kind of financial or time commitment - and certainly not for all of the kids. They are all able to have one activity a week and we want things to be sorta equal for that, kwim?

For our gym, the rec class is 1hr 45mins, once a week. It ends up costing about $260 for the whole year (late Sept to March).
If we were to do the competitive class, she would be expected to have 2hr classes, twice a week, plus one extra evening. This would end up nearly doubling our fees. Added on to that is the expectation of making it to at least 2 competitions through the year - which means adding on the cost of the outift required for competition, the competition fees, travel expenses, food/eat out, and hotel rooms. This would make it far more than double the rec class and just isn't a commitment we can make.

In addition to the cost and time, though, DD is not just a "one thing" type of kid. She would do everything if we let her - be out every night at classes and activities. If we allowed her to do the competitive class, we would not allow her to do any other activities through the year - which I know she would be really angry about when those other things came up.
Right now she does gymnastics now through March, we do skating lessons at our rink (up the street from our house) from January to March, and she has been part of our school's musical/play for the past 2 years which means practising starting in January until the show in April. She's certainly more than busy enough - she still needs time to just be a kid, kwim?
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