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Re: Anyone you AREN'T looking forward to sharing the good news with?

I am actually not looking forward to telling my brother or SIL, she's just kind of nuts. They just had a baby and think we should plan our children around them. My SIL is all like, "wouldn't it be great if you guys had a baby next year and then we could have another the year after?!?!" (We were already pregnant at the time). Please don't try and plan my life for me or think you had any effect on when we decided to have another baby. We TTC for 4 months, and she would make these comments the whole time about when we were going to have another baby. We didn't share that we were TTC because that would have thrown her in a tizzy. She asked DH point blank a few weeks ago if were were (again, we were already pregnant), he just said basically we were NTNP (lie), and she just made a dumb/crude comment about our sex life and how we needed to have another baby.
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