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Re: Tetralogy of Fallot (x posted in special needs)

Originally Posted by happymama1 View Post
I haven't been through this, but our second child, a boy, was discovered to have many health complications before he was born and it was extremely frightening to experience. Through that experience I gained perspective on several things:

1) a reality check that there are no guarantees in life. period. no one is guaranteed a healthy baby or child, and a child born with good health can have a painfully short life for a number of reasons beyond our control and a sick baby can turn out to live a nice LONG life!

2) I also learned that babies can be some of the most amazing little fighters out there! Medical care is also pretty amazing in this country...and the combination is pretty incredible sometimes. We were told our son would be in kidney failure by age 2 because of his condition. He prooved them wrong and is doing great (he's almost 4 now).

You and your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers in these coming months. Please keep us posted! Are they giving you any idea of what to expect just yet?
Thank you for sharing a bit of your experience, I'm glad your son is doing well! We have appointments next Friday with the Pediatric Cardiologist and the MFM doctor who will be overseeing everything while I am pregnant, so we should find out more then. Right now we know very little other than baby will need surgery sometime after birth (we are hoping he'll have a mild case and it will only be one surgery) and that I might have to deliver at the hospital in Portland (about 3 hours from our home) depending on the severity of his case. I will update when after our appointments when I will hopefully know a lot more.

Originally Posted by CherryPie View Post
A mama on my FB from another board had a baby girl with this condition. She didn't know it until the baby was born and turned blue. Had to be flew to another hospital as her's could not address the baby's needs. The baby is 1 now and appears to be doing quite well. She had surgery shortly after birth.

My first baby was dx with a birth defect in utero. My thoughts are with you all
Thank you glad to hear the other mamas baby girl is doing well. I've been doing as much reading as I can and it seems like most babies do really well with the surgery and after it, so that is encouraging and helping to ease my fear.
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