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Re: Anyone you AREN'T looking forward to sharing the good news with?

I was not looking forward to telling hubby's aunt. She's like a mom to him, brought him home from the hospital and everything.

Anyway, when we told her about our second, it was, "Does she not know what birth control is?"

With the third, it was only 3 months after the second was born when I found out... so she didn't say much.

With the fourth (the loss in April), her response was "How are you going to feed this one?"

So, you can see why I didn't want to tell her this time around. Of course, we're not rich... we're not made of money... I can understand why some people think we shouldn't have more kids. We work HARD, both of us... and we definitely have what we need. No, we don't have thousands of dollars laying around... but we don't want that. We want a humble, gracious life. And how many kids we choose to have is up to US. I am tired of feeling ashamed for my decisions.

So, hubby told her two days ago. She basically skipped right over it. He said, "So, Ashley's pregnant!" And she basically said, "Do you guys still have company at your house?" So he just went with it. He told her, he got the response he expected, and now we can move on. I made the official "Facebook announcement" yesterday, since she was the last "important" person that we needed to tell, that we DIDN'T want to find out on Facebook.

I think from now on, IF for some reason we decide that this is NOT our last... we won't be telling her until we ABSOLUTELY have to, lol.
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