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A friend. We have a mutual friend and mutual friend and I are both on pregnancy #2 at the moment and she is still "trying".

In one hand I feel bad for her because I know how hard fertility issues can be but while that may be part of the problem shear dumbness is the biggest issue. We have tried oh how we have tried but she just won't "try" for a never ending list if excuses. Yet calls crying all the time when she isn't pregnant. She had no idea how long her cycle was. Thinks she may be pregnant despite getting her period cuse that CAN happen don't you know. Didn't want to take her temperature because having to do it at the same time each day was too much work then when she did decide to just do it whenever she woke up even though we told her as little movement as possible she just decided it would be to warm under the covers so she should get out if bed to take it.

Sorry venting. Just hard to know how hurt she will be that I'm pregnant and she is not yet but just won't do anything to actually help herself get pregnant.
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