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Both are gone! Traded & sold!

First off I'd like to say that I have never used wool for diapering and I don't have much knowledge of the wide world of wool! I got both of these diapers in a lot of stuff at a yard sale and thought I'd at least try them out...but I never got around to it and now it's time to pass these along.

Both of these were made by the mama that I purchased them from. She told me that they were mostly made with merino wool but I think she said the contrasting trim parts are a wool blend... I don't really remember anymore. Both need to be washed and lanolized.

SOLD-Brown shorties with drawstring waist. Slight felting in the crotch and in desperate need of a shave. Waist measurement is approx 8.5 inches across laying flat without stretching. The rise is approx 6.5 inches from crotch to waist. Total length from waist to leg opening is approx 9.5 inches. $5 + shipping.

-TRADED-Wrap/soaker in orange with green trim. No closure. Very soft and no felting. Seems to be a one-size because you can fold it down if needed. Some wonky stitching on the front as it bulges up a bit and not quite symmetrical but it shouldn't affect the function. Widest part of waist in back is 13 inches across. Folded in half, as pictured, it is approx 10 inches from waist to crotch. $5 + shipping.

Again, I'm not schooled in the teachings of wool so if I didn't describe or price these properly please let me know. Prices do not include shipping.

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