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Re: need your input. baby shower gifts...long

My sister was not into b'fing. She wasn't successful w/ #1 and didn't seem gung ho about #2.

I'm a b'fing nazi. It would've killed me to see her throw in the towel. I bought her a Medela PIS with no strings attached. I told her if it was 'too wierd' for her to latch the baby on, she could just pump. Plus, it would save her tons in formula costs.

I'm happy to say, she was pleased with the pump. She used it and was so excited to be able to feed her baby without having to buy formula. She has a great nursing relationship with the baby and I sleep in peace knowing I did what I could.

My point is, if it is in your heart to give her the gift. Do it. If she decides not to bf, it is not your fault. Be as supportive as you can and let her know you're there. If your gift goes unused, it isn't your problem.

You seem like a very caring mama!
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