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Where to begin????

New to this forum and thinking about trying cloth diapers. I never realized there was sooooo much to learn about them. Honestly it makes my head spin and then I feel like just going the easy route to disposables.

But I'd really like to save money and well, the environment. So, I'm hoping to give it a go.

I'm 26 weeks pg and due Dec. 31 with my first! I"m single too so will be doing everything on my own. I see lots of ladies chatting about making their own cloth diaper covers, etc. THat won't be me!

I've done some research but really end up more confused. Here's what I'd like:
Easy to use, no fuss, folding, or pinning.
Easy to clean, I don't want to be dipping anything into the toilet.

CHEAP! Or at least a good investment. But this will be my only baby so I won't be reusing anything.

I don't know whether it will be a boy/girl and Im not that picky about them being "cute". I"m quite practical.

It's ok if part of the diaper is disposable, like the inserts.

Any ideas of what brands to look for?? I'd like to possibly purchase some used to see if I like them. I'm also thinking of using both disposable and cloth in the beginning. How many cloth would I need and what sizes???

THanks for your help!
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