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Re: My sister's child needs a home.

Originally Posted by Chasing Zen View Post
I have Faith in you. How does your husband feel about this?
We have talked about it a little, but always hypothetically. We knew my sister was sick, we knew the rest of my family is also not well (sister 2 has 3 teenagers and a husband with terminal brain cancer, my mom is caring for my 97 year old father, and my brother is an unmarried alcoholic). No one had asked us before, but hubby and I talked about it. We had just sort of agreed that it would be hard but we would make it work.

Today I got the call, and today after work we are going to have to discuss it for real, and the reality is what's freaking me out. And I think my hubby also feels like we worked hard to earn this family that we wanted, and now it might change. I know my niece didn't do anything wrong, and that she deserves a good home, and that it's unfair to her as well. But my sister is like a stranger to us both, so it feels like someone off the street asking us to take in their child.
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