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Re: My sister's child needs a home.

I don't blame you at all for your feelings. You have been put in a very difficult place. I don't blame you for being very angry with your sister. Shame on her for not putting her children first. I think the most important thing you have to ask yourself is can you raise her child without resentment? If the answer is yes, do it. It will work and your family will be better for it even if its out of your current plan. If the answer is no (and you are not a horrible person if you can't) then don't try. It simply won't work. If your sister will sign away rights (or passes) the child will be eligible for adoption and is fully adoptable. I think when it comes down to it you will love this child like your own. Its difficult not to love a young innocent child who has been dealt such a poor hand! Hearts grow easily!
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