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Can we talk diapers again.....puleasssee,I need help *progress report post 37*

My life is becoming over run again I need to get back on the badwagon, I have cleared out a lot but hit a plateu. Diapers.

Is someone willing to hold my hand and help me work through this and make decisions. I am having a hard time and feeling really down about it. I can post a list of what I have, whats coming, yes I ordered more shame shame shame, and what I think I still need that last parts itty bitty.

It would mean a lot to me inserts bashy eyelashes here.

My issue is overpreparing for 2 kids, I know my son, I am terrified of 2 in cloth and being under prepaired.

************************************************** **********************************
About us:
DS is going to turn 2 in december not showing any signs of being ready to potty learn he gets about 6 wet diapers a day, but he has gut issues and days where he may poop up to 5 times, normally that overlaps with the wets some but requires extra on hand.

Newbie due end of the month. I am not so worried about newborn diapers, but rather when they overlap in os.

The beast that is to be concured with notes:Pocket diapers:
OS: 23 On order: 13 For a combined OS 36
Mediums: 10
larges: 11

Notes on pockets: the larges can go on my son but are big, he is currently 22 pounds they start to fit at 25, so it would overlap for 5 pounds with os, but do I need them? Now his mediums which fit him perfect and all my OS will fit to 30 pounds. He is a petite little man he just started wearing size 18 months, its pretty unlikely he will ever need a diaper bigger then one size right? Lets say I get rid of larges I have 10 just for him plus 36 that fit both boys. Total 46 diapers for 2 kids in pockets.

Covers and prefolds my safety net.I keep these for if I run out of diapers and I never do. ...
5 os
1 medium (its cute geny has skulls I really like it want it to stay)
1 duo size 2 (again owls I want him to stay)

26 regular- my logic 2 overlapping in the same size...irrational, one dozen is tie dye I like those most

Related: I use fitteds at night. I am happy with the numbers 6 os, 2 size 2, and 6 daytime only worthy for rash times for 2 kids, but I need to consider covers for those. So 8 night time for 2 kids and 6 day time for ds with skin issues.

My thoughts- Get rid of one dozen regular prefolds as well? I am thinking 5 os with the 2 sizes for 7 total is ok for 2 kids. Seems less but rarelly used and I want to limit bringing in more, if its strongly felt I should have more Ihave a duo in my for sale pile I could pull back and have 8 for 2 kids.

For reference if anyone wants to comment on the newbie diapers I have:
18 alva newborn pockets
5 fitteds
12 preemie prefolds
12 newborn
12 infant
2 xs, 2 sm and 2 duo 1 covers.

should I keep all that for the newbie phase?
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