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Re: Can we talk diapers again.....puleasssee,I need help

I have one in cloth, my last baby, and I have toooo many diapers. I bought one system (Flips and prefolds.) Then when DD was tiny, I bought a whole new system (Best Bottom) but sadly I don't love them on my chubby gal and I sunk too much money into them. I feel diaper regret. And I know I'm going to lose money on them.

I also have all the things she's outgrown, ready to sell but not quite mentally ready to let go of my tiny newborn fluff, knowing I won't use it again. *sad*

I really need to get my butt in gear and just sell it already. I'll help you if you'll help me!


I have:
12 Flips
4 assorted covers (BSWW mediums, two WAHM)
about 40 infant prefolds (I trifold to stuff the covers, but they don't fit around)
about 40 premium prefolds (fit around an can be snappied, but don't fit to stuff the covers)

I put her in trifolded stuffed covers 99% of the time. She's in disposables overnight (nothing else seems to work without her getting a rash from being wet too long.)

I could easily get by with just the infant prefolds stuffed into the covers, probably until she potty trains, but I am nervous to let go of the ones that fit around - even though I hardly ever actually put them on her!

I also have 12 Best Bottoms covers, and will sell this whole system once I group it all together (there might be a few more floating around.)
28 medium inserts (now outgrown)
5 medium overnights
24 large hemp inserts (give DD a rash )
4 large overnights

All the newborn and small stuff that's outgrown - TONS! AIOs, pockets, covers, fitteds, things I had for DD4 and never used for baby, so.much.stuff. I don't even need to list it, I just need the gumption to sell it.

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