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Re: Where to begin????

Well since there's so many cloth diapers out there, there is no right or wrong answer to this post. But I can tell you my experience and preferences.

I use mostly Best Bottom diapers\hemp inserts. I love them and you can get the complete package (birth to potty training) for around $400 or buy them all used from different people. This will save you a few dollars, but it's not worth it to me when I discovered how much time I would be spending on the computer saving $1 here and $2 there.

I also have a few Swaddlebess Simplex OS AIOS ($26\each-as you can see, I'm not as practical as you, lol) which work great and are adorable!! But I love my Best Bottoms and generally reach for those first.

I recently bought some Diaper Safari pocket diapers for about $6 each. They're okay, and I would never consider pockets except the insert agitates out on it's own-very important to me!!

If you are interested in a 'very easy' diaper, I would definitely recommend an all-in-one. My favs, Best Bottoms are not all in one, but they're all-in-twos and very easy to use. And easy to get clean in the washing machine: also very important!

You might also be interested in a tongue style AIO (all in one). Swaddlebees Simplex are tongue style and resell value is really high ($22-$24). Kissaluv Marvel OS AIOS are similiar and I usually see those for around $14 each. Bumgenius Freetimes might be a good fit for you. They are $20 new but most diaper shops have a Buy 5 Get one free special right now. Their resell value is also good. (I'm mentioning resell value because you don't plan on using them on other babies. )

I might be confusing you so let me answer your other questions.

Easy to clean: If you plan on breastfeeding, and you exclusively breastfeed (ebf) you can throw you diapers right into a diaper pail. But when (if) your baby starts on formula or solid foods, you will have to do a diaper sprayer or some old fashioned dunking and flushing. You can buy disposable liners for that, but for me, if I'm going to spend 8 cents on a liner, I would spend the extra 10 cents on a disposable diaper and move on with my life. You can, however, buy or make (really easy, I promise!!) fleece liners to put in the diaper which might make the diaper spraying\dunking easier. My daughter is still ebf so I haven't had to do that yet.

Lastly, if you plan on buying them new, I recommend buying them all from the same cloth diaper website to collect some 'points' that can be used for further diapers. OR buying a few at a time and using coupon codes for more free ones.

I hope this has helped some and not completely confused you, but feel free to PM me for more info.

One more thing. When I first started, I went to and clicked on the 'overwhelmed?' button. They really explain it\break it down to me where it was easy to understand. I think most diaper websites have something similar though.

And if you want me to give you some website that offer discounts\points\free diapers, ect let me know.

Good luck and congrats on the baby!!
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