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Re: EC for 11 week old??

Just start with nakie time, observing what your baby does right before going pee/poo after a feeding session. put a waterproof pad under her to catch the pees/poos. Sounds like you are aware of some of her signals, so that's a start! And the fact that your DH is on board is even better! Poops are usually easier to catch at first because babies often grunt. Pees are a lil more challenging. My 8 week old will cry a little or fuss and that's when I know he has to go. Or he will sneeze and go pee right after. If he's really fussy and its been a day and a half since he went poops, then I know a poopy blowout is coming and try to get the potty under him right after a feeding. I also feed him without a diaper on sometimes so that I can quickly get him to the potty if I hear him grunting, but I inevitably get peed or pooped on! Not a big deal since everything is washable . There are a couple of books you can check out: EC Simplified by Andrea Olson and Diaper Free Baby. EC Simplified also has a Facebook page that you can check out. Some websites for gear:,, Hope this helps and that you can maybe find some other EC-ers nearby! Oh, and it really helps to not have so many poopydiaper blowouts which means less diaper washing
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