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Originally Posted by momneedssupport
Im pretty much confused with dd, 22m. She tried to chsnge her own poop dipe,, constsntly goes diaperless, sits on the big potty by herself all the time, but has NOT acyually gone in the potty. Gah. Pees and poops all over the house!! Idk what to do next.
Just keep doing what you are doing. DS was like this around that age too. I guess it was really cemented in that pee goes in the potty after I said it a million times and started giving him an m&m every time he peed on potty.

We had to throw out the m&m's because he was CRAZY on them, but now we use either a bunny cookie (Annie's) or a chocolate chip. Not all the time now, only if he remembers (about once a day?)
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