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Re: Where to begin????

I think there can be so much info out there that it can be confusing for new moms to know where to start with cloth. Lots of diaper websites out there to help break it down for new moms though and those can be great. I think you shouldn't let the details and multitude of options worry you too much though. Just pick a basic style you like and then give it a try.

I also consider myself to be pretty practical, so I'm hardly the most experienced mom out there in regards to having tried all the diapers and having opinions on each (the poster above is much more helpful with that!). I limited myself on how many types of diapers I bought with my son (now 2 years old), but one thing I found really helpful was during the infant stage, I decided I wanted to use primarily prefolds and pockets, so my first set of diapers was several brands and types of diaper covers and pocket diapers. I decided which I liked best pretty quickly and then when he moved to the next size (which happens pretty quickly when they're small), I bought more in the brands I liked best. That might be a consideration for you when you decide what type of diapers you want to use.

Like the poster above said, all-in-ones are probably the simplest and probably the most like a disposable as far as ease of putting on. However, they took forever to dry in my dryer, so I decided to go for pocket diapers instead because I didn't mind stuffing the inserts in after washing and other than that, they are also really simple. However both will require at least a diaper sprayer when your kiddo starts eating more solids. That happened around 9 months for me (my son loved solid food though).

I have a couple of friends who hear I cloth diaper and tell me they couldn't do it because they don't like to touch poop and I always find that so silly. I don't mind that they use disposables at all, but assuming I touch a lot of poop with cloth diapering is just weird! With the diaper sprayer, the poop stays in the toilet and when I'm ready to wash diapers, I just upend the whole bag of diapers & the bag into the washer and go. No poop-touching required! ;D Spraying them off is pretty easy and quick, especially once you're used to it.

If the idea of the diaper spraying turns you off, the hybrid diapers might be a good consideration. gDiapers and Flips are two types I know of. I really liked the gDiapers when my son was tiny because they fit him better than any others, but the disposable inserts are rather pricey, I think, so the cost would add up over time. I'm expecting a daughter in a month though and I think we might try the flips with her (though with the reusable inserts).

Re. brands: as I said, I'm not the most experienced in all the different types, but I've loved bumGenius one size and FuzziBunz perfect size pocket diapers with my son. They have held up great. I tried a lot of diaper covers and Thirsties are my absolute faves, though it sounds like prefolds aren't for you since they have to be folded. Oh - but if you ever go on a plane ride and do disposables, having a Thirsties cover on hand to stick over the top totally controls blowout issues and keep you from having to do complete outfit changes 2 or 3 times

As far as how many, you don't have to go crazy at first. It kind of depends on how big your baby is, but especially if you'll be using disposable and cloth, you can get just a small amount to start because they move through the newborn stage pretty quickly. Someone who didn't use prefolds might be a better resource, but with disposables, you can probably get as few as 10 cloth diapers of your chosen type to start. Depending on how many disposables you're using, you'll probably use them pretty hard, especially if you have a small baby who doesn't move up to the next size for a while, but if you're not worried about reusing with another child that might not be a bad thing. Once you get to a place where you want to use more cloth and cut out most disposables, you'll need to buy more, but at least then you may have an idea of your favorite brands or types of diapers and can stock up on those.

Okay, I'm hardly the most experienced cloth diaperer out there and I'm sure other people have more/better advice, but I hope this is at least a little helpful! In any case, welcome and congratulations on the baby!!
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