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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Hi everyone. how was your day? I hope you had a fun day.

It's encouraging to read what other homeschooling families' days went even if you post we skipped today/this week, because we do skip days too. I'm often too heavy/in pain/uncomfortable to teach becuase of pregnancy, but most days, I am pushing myself to get schoooling materials and teach. Just getting those heavy books out is hard for me nowdays. lol But I do it. I just wish I could be more energetic for my children.

Today, I taught mostly as I planned, but my children were distracted, because Nick Jr. was on TV for a change this morning. So I skipped the seatwork part for my son to give him a break.

I did more teaching for my daughter than usual and taught her shapes, greater than, less than, capital and lower letter match, etc. She did well with everything so there was not much to teach, just minor things to remind her like difference between d and b, p and q.

My 3 year old has been busy throwing tentrums, so she hasn't been learning a whole lot, just sorting colors, and other easy things when she is in the mood, but just like my 5 year old daughter was at her age, my 3 year old daughter is too busy pretending to be a puppy or kitty or a monkey to be doing a real studying. lol
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