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Re: How are you all doing?

My baby Daniel is doing fine during the day. He seems to be a harder baby than my first 2...or at least my perception is different because I have 2 others?? He is 8 weeks today and still wakes once/twice at night. He eats the first time and the second time, he wakes up because he has a hard time breathing. It's like his nose is all stuffed up but nothing comes out when I aspirate his nose. It's really frustrating to both of us! I have the humidifier going, saline drops, and the aspirator.

As for me, I feel so tired most of the time. I started having heart palpitations last week and went to my doctor a few days ago. She ran an ekg (normal) and took blood (haven't gotten results yet). My feeling is that they are being caused by exhaustion, hormones changing, or maybe thyroid problems, but these palpitations are so unnerving. I'm already prone to panic attacks, and thankfully I haven't had any because of this, but I am just so tired and uncomfortable. I just want my energy, spunk, and joy back. Please pray for me if you can. I want to quit worrying about my body and get on with enjoying my babies.
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